“Above tree line, mountain travelers stack stones into cairns to mark the way. A well-built cairn defies both time and weather. It assures all those that follow that they are on track- and that someone has been there before them.
It is the cairn that best symbolizes our bond with our clients. The path they are on is new, and sometimes difficult. But we have traveled that path. And we will show the way.” -Author Unknown

What is Equine Guided Recovery?

Recovery: Late Middle English – a means of restoration. 

Equine Guided Recovery supports sustainable change through the integration of simple principles that become foundations and cornerstones of how we live our lives.  

The act of restoring or recovering that which was lost.  What did I have once that I long to have again? Or what is missing in my life that I want to create for myself?

Gaby Fabian, CEGE

In 2009, Gaby Fabian coined the term Equine Guided Recovery™ as her intention to claim a life long love of horses with her personal crusade for recovery.  Together, Gaby and her equine partner, Billy Comanche are changing lives through this powerful, healing modality.

Gaby is senior staff at Medicine Horse Ranch in Tomales, CA where she facilitates weekly private and group sessions for adolescents and adults.  Her clients include; Five Sisters Ranch (where she is also on staff), Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services, North Bay Recovery, Olympia House, Alta Mira, and Reflections.

A life long learner, Gaby is currently working towards completion of her AIA Emeritus with Barbara K. Rector.  Gaby and Billy continue to polish their horsemanship skills, and are riding into their 4th year of studies with Mike Bridges, an internationally known horseman teaching the California Vaquero Style bridle horse discipline.

In her leisure time you will find gourmet Gaby cooking up new recipes in her kitchen, or hanging out with her beloved canine pals (G.G. and Bailey) who love the beach and a good chase with the ball.

Services Offered


An initial phone consultation is a great way for me to get to know a little about you.  We will discuss goals and challenges and touch on your motivation for exploring horse as healer.  I will answer any questions you may have about programs or private sessions and come up with an appropriate next step for you.

Private Coaching

Spending one on one time with a horse under the watchful eye of a human coach cultivates deep learning through experiential equine guided activities designed specifically with your goals in mind.

Family Programs

Through the lens of the horse, we can observe and interrupt addictive family patterns by developing and practicing new life skills directly related to recovery. 

  • “Equine Guided Recovery has given me personal insight into my own journey of growth. I experienced a shift that was embodied in a deeply non-verbal way. Gaby was amazing at contextualizing the experience in a gentle but firmly supportive manner”

  • “This has been more insight into my personal interaction with my husband than the last 6 months of counseling”

  • “Equine Guided Recovery is a very powerful and result producing intervention in the recovery and life of the family that is in the process of healing”

  • “I worked with Gaby while at Five Sister’s Ranch and of my twelve days in recovery, the two I spent with the horses and Gaby were the most powerful for me. I honestly feel like the few hours I spent working with the horse and Gaby taught me who I am and where I need to go”. Tiffany, Nashville, TN

Programs 2017



Will we be riding horses?

No…all work with the horses is done on the ground.

Do I need any horse experience?

No horse experience is necessary.  We work incrementally, building relationship with safety as our primary principal.  

How long is a private session?

Sessions typically last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Can you design a program for a group?

Yes, custom sessions can be designed.  We will work with you to determine the best scenario for you and your group. 

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